Web Traffic Expectations

PPC Campaigns:

  • With a monthly budget of $3,000 and an average CPC of $2, Generator Supercenter could anticipate about 1,500 site visitors.
  • Depending on the campaign type the conversion rate will vary, but assuming a 2.25% conversion rate, the $1,500 site visits would return 33-34 conversions (phone calls or form submissions).

          – 60% Phone Calls (20)
          – 40% Form Submissions (13)

Email Marketing:

  • With strong open and click rates, Generator Supercenter’s email campaigns, sending to a list of 5,000 subscribers, should attract approximately 150 visitors per month.

  • The overall traffic will scale based on the program, frequency of sends, subject lines and offers.

SEO & Content Marketing:

  • Aiming for 1,000 – 1,500 additional monthly visitors through dedicated SEO efforts is a solid initial goal for Generator Supercenter. This will be users entering the website from blog content or other indexed pages.

Note, that SEO is a long term process and takes time. Typically changes will take  90-120 days for results. With consistency, most long term strategies will continue to gain traction over 18-36 months. Consistency and Relevance are the main focus areas for content.

Other Digital Marketing Strategies:

      Alternate strategies like retargeting and affiliate marketing could equate to around 500 extra visitors monthly. Depending on the budget and list sizes.

Total Estimated Monthly Web Traffic:

      Therefore, a total estimated monthly web traffic of approximately 3,000 – 6,650 visitors would be the target for Generator Supercenter locations. Seasonal and weather related adjustments should be considered.

Conversion Traffic:

Website Conversions:

  • At a niche-appropriate conversion rate of 2%, Depending on the budget and channels used for marketing, a GSC franchise with 3,000 visitors can expect 60 total conversions (~36 Phone Calls, ~18 Free Estimates, ~6 Contact Forms).

Lead-to-Sale Conversions:

  • If 10% of those inquiries result in sales, that would approximately mean 11 – 13 sales each month directly attributable to these online marketing efforts.

  • Please reach out to the corporate training if your sales conversions are lower than ~15%. Additional training, or evaluation of lead quality may be needed.

Timeline for Results

Initial Brand Visibility:

  • Generator Supercenter may see immediate brand visibility from PPC and social campaigns within the first 1-2 months, and should be used to continue to support brand visibility across top search terms monthly.

Lead Generation:

  • After 2-4 months of consistent efforts, lead generation should begin in earnest.

Sales Conversions:

  • By the 3-6 month period, Generator Supercenter should notice sporadic sales starting to occur from these leads.

Consistent Lead and Sales Flow:

  • Heading towards the 6-12 month bracket, more consistent leads and sales should be apparent, solidifying the business’s presence in the market.

Promo Strategies by Month for Generator Supercenter:



Promotional Activity


Jan 2-Jan30

Reduce Stress Get Peace of Mind
 “New Year’s Resolution: Uninterrupted Power – Get $500 Off!”


Feb 1-14 Love your “family” 

Feb 15-28 Home

Love Your Generator (or Love, Your Generator Letters) – Could also be Presidents Day
 “Love Your Home? Show It by Protecting It with Generator Supercenter!”


All Month

St. Patrick’s Day Sale – Better to be prepared than lucky…
“Make Your Own Luck with Generator Supercenter – Power for Every Leaf Clover!”


Spots filling up fast, get on the schedule today?

Don’t Be Fooled – Could also be Easter

“No April Showers Power Outage – Stay Empowered with Generator Supercenter!”


I think we run Memorial Day, May 24-31, something else for the beginning

Memorial Day
“Honor and Power – Memorial Day Remembrance with Generator Supercenter!”


Power Up Houston could be in June, but might be in April.  We will need free 10yr and first year Maintenance.

Ding & Dent Sale/Hurricane Season
“Hurricane Season Alert: Stay Prepared with Special Offers!” – Offers on Install, Maintenance & Service



Freedom Month



Generac Promo (Could Shift Up or Down)



Labor Day Sale
Labor Day Celebration – Take Pride in Your Power Preparedness!”



Halloween Sale. Scary Fast Install/

 “A Hauntingly Reliable Power Supply Awaits This Halloween!”



Thanksgiving Sale – Lots of things to be thankful for…Peace of Mind is one…

“Giving Thanks for the Power We Share – Happy Thanksgiving!”



Power Up Holidays
“Power Up Your Holidays – Merry Christmas from Generator Supercenter!”


*Note: During hurricane season, the messaging will shift focus to surge protectors and the immediate benefits of securing a Generac generator. Remember, these strategies and timelines provide guiding estimates, and aligning sales and marketing targets with real-world data and feedback will ensure the best outcomes for Generator Supercenter.