Target Audience

Demographic and Geographic Segmentation


This group is critical for Generator Supercenter and can be engaged through a variety of brand-specific strategies:

  • Personalized Marketing: Develop personalized marketing campaigns that appeal to the sense of home safety and comfort. Use testimonials, install imagery, imagery aligning with the current brand guidelines that resonates with this audience’s desire to protect their homes and families from power outages.
  • Educational Content: Offer informative content that helps homeowners understand the value of investing in backup power, such as guides on power preparedness, generator maintenance tips and the benefits of owning a Generac generator. This can establish Generator Supercenter as a knowledgeable and trusted advisor.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with communities, particularly in outage-prone areas, and participate in local events to raise awareness of Generator Supercenter and emphasize its commitment to reliable backup power solutions that cater to their specific needs.

Business Owners: (not applicable to all markets)

For small to medium-sized business owners, Generator Supercenter can tailor its approach to highlight the brand’s commitment to keeping businesses operational and minimizing downtime:

  • Business Solutions Messaging: Craft messaging that stresses the critical nature of uninterrupted power for business operations, emphasizing how Generac generators ensure continuity and reduce the risks associated with power loss. For business owners while some of the messaging to homeowners cross over, the FOMO against lost productivity/revenue resonates.
  • Customized Service Offerings: Introduce service packages that address the unique needs of various business segments, such as priority maintenance service for healthcare providers or scalable power solutions for IT companies, which demonstrate Generator Supercenter’s dedication to customized solutions.

Builders and Developers:

Targeting builders and developers offers an opportunity for Generator Supercenter to tap into new construction projects and advocate for built-in backup power solutions:

  • Partnership Programs: Develop partnership programs with builders and developers to integrate Generac generators directly into their projects. Position these partnerships as not just a value addition but also as a mark of quality and foresight in property development.
  • Incentivized Upselling: Create incentive structures for builders and developers who choose to make Generac generators a standard feature in their constructions, fostering long-term relationships that benefit both parties.

For each target audience, it’s essential that Generator Supercenter’s marketing and sales strategies underscore the brand’s core values of quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service. See the current brand guidelines for key messages and imagery examples.

The communication should highlight how Generator Supercenter stands apart by offering industry-leading products with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and after-sales support (service and maintenance). By doing so, the brand can strengthen its position in the market and appeal more directly to its key demographic segments.

Behavioral Segmentation

Safety-conscious Consumers:

This segment values peace of mind above all, and their behavior is often driven by a desire to protect their loved ones and assets.

  • Tailored Messaging: Craft content and messaging that speaks directly to the concerns of these consumers. Use real-life scenarios and testimonials to illustrate how Generator Supercenter provides a dependable safety net through Generac generators.
  • Community Safety Programs: Implement programs that position Generator Supercenter as a community partner in safety. Workshops on emergency preparedness or partnerships with local safety officials can reinforce the brand’s commitment to protection and well-being.

Eco-friendly Consumers:

Eco-friendly consumers are typically attracted to sustainable and energy-efficient products. They value brands that demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

  • Highlighting Green Features: Promote the energy-efficient aspects of Generac generators, emphasizing any sustainable production practices or features that reduce environmental impact.
  • Educational Outreach: Publish content that educates this segment on how backup power can fit into an eco-conscious lifestyle, focusing on topics like reducing carbon footprint, and the potential integration of generators with renewable energy sources.

Target Audience Selection Refinements:

For Generator Supercenter, the selection of core target audiences can be refined to enhance the effectiveness of the brand’s marketing and sales efforts:

  • Mature Homeowners: These individuals are likely to have the financial stability to invest in a backup power solution. Focus marketing efforts on the reliability and long-term cost savings of owning a Generac generator, specifically targeting those in regions with frequent power disruptions.
  • Small to Medium Business Owners: Offer bespoke solutions and maintenance contracts that cater to the specific business needs, whether it’s a clinic with critical medical devices, an IT firm requiring constant server operation, or a store needing to preserve perishable goods.
  • Builders and Property Developers: Work collaboratively with developers to showcase not only how Generac generators add value to projects but also aid in achieving any regulatory or certification standards related to energy efficiency and sustainability.

For each behavioral segment, it’s essential that the initiatives and communications from Generator Supercenter emphasize the key brand qualities—such as commitment to quality, a focus on customer satisfaction, and a proactive stance on environmental responsibility.

By doing this, the brand will not only appeal more effectively to these segments but also strengthen its own market position and reputation as a leading provider of backup power solutions.

Positioning Strategy


  • Trustworthiness in Communication: Embed the reliability of Generac in every message, leveraging testimonials, accolades, and certifications that offer evidence of trustworthiness. Ensure that the tone is consistent and aligns with the brand’s promise of quality and dependability.
  • Service Excellence: Present comprehensive maintenance and warranty plans as a testament to the enduring reliability of Generac products. Tailor the messaging to convey peace of mind and a worry-free ownership experience that defines Generator Supercenter’s care for its customers.


  • Interactive Experiences: Showcase the cutting-edge features of Generac generators and other products that GSC offers through engaging virtual demonstrations and hands-on experiences in retail settings. These should highlight ease of integration with contemporary smart homes, appealing to the tech-aware customer base. In addition, the ease of use can be represented with the turnkey experience to engage with low-tech users.
  • Forward-Thinking Campaigns: Develop marketing initiatives that put an emphasis on the progressive attributes of Generac’s offerings. Use language and visuals that resonate with an audience that values technological advancements and smart solutions.


  • Sustainability Narrative: Weave the story of GSC’s commitment to sustainability throughout all communications. It’s important to feature the energy-efficient attributes of the generators and bring the brand’s eco-conscious ethos to the forefront.
  • Purposeful Partnerships: Form strategic alliances with green events and organizations to underscore Generator Supercenter’s dedication to environmental stewardship. Reflect this in the choice of sponsors and the imagery used in branding materials, always mindful of the eco-friendly message.


  • Educational Leadership: Create informative materials that spotlight the necessity of Generac generators in maintaining safety and normalcy during power disruptions. These materials should be crafted as resources for safety and emergency preparedness, emphasizing how GSC supports critical needs.
  • Community Involvement: Foster a sense of community trust by actively engaging in local events that promote safety and preparedness. Align these efforts with the company’s values, showing up as a proactive and caring member of each community served.