Co-op Compliant Ads

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Introducing pre-built ad sets, a collection of 15 corporate approved, co-op eligible, professionally designed and optimized ad formats tailored to specific goals. 

Fill out the form below to receive ad sets, a co-op compliant sheet, and your ad set within 3-5 business days. If you’re a Think Bright partner, enjoy even faster activation – your assets will be added to Google Ads by our team within 1-2 days! No design skills are needed, just instant results.

Corporate Approved, Co-op Eligible Ad Sets

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Fill out your details like name, email, market and any customizable areas for the ads.

2. Submit and Receive

We'll deliver your ads within 3-5 business days (1-2 days for Think Bright partners)

3. Submit for Co-op

Submit the completed sheet for verification for up to 50% discount on your ad set.

Ad Examples

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For any queries or concerns regarding your ad set submissions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are committed to assisting you with any issues, especially regarding submissions for the 50% co-op benefit. Please note that Generac holds the authority to determine the eligibility for the co-op benefit. This campaign is evergreen, with no set terms or deadlines. To remain eligible for the co-op, it’s essential that both the Generac and Generator Supercenter logos are displayed with equal width, height, and size. Additionally, when a product is featured in the ad, its name must be clearly denoted. Adherence to specific spacing requirements around the logos and Generac products is also crucial for maintaining eligibility for the co-op benefit.