ACE Hardware Partnership Bundle

Generator Supercenter is teaming up with hardware stores to streamline Generac installations. Order your custom bundle including retractable banner design, flyers, and a unique QR code for lead generation. Benefit from a dedicated landing page showcasing partner logos, a custom lead form, and the ability to track and retarget customers. Equip your franchise with these assets to enhance visibility and drive sales.

Design Cost:  $125  ($75/Think Bright Partners)

You’ll Receive

  • Customized retractable banner and flyers designs featuring partnership branding
  • Exclusive QR code for lead tracking and retargeting efforts
  • Personalized landing page with partner logos and a custom lead form

Print Costs

Retractable banner:

  • qty 1 = $250 qty
  • 3 = $235ea

Flyers: Min Order – 10 flyers
8.5″ x 11″

  • Gloss Cover
    (thick paper)
    • 25 = $24
    • 50 = $40
    • 100 = $70
    • 500 = $280
    • 1000 = $315
  • Gloss Text
    (thin paper)
    • 500 = $175
    • 1000 = $220 

8.5″ x 5.5″:

  • Gloss Cover
    (thick paper)
    • 25 = $20
    • 50 = $20
    • 100 = $40
    • 500 = $125
    • 1000 = $150
  • Gloss Text
    (thin paper)
    • 500 = $125
    • 1000 = $140
    • 2500 = $200

How It Works

QR Codes

The ACE program uses five distinctive QR codes, assigned to individual stores from 1 to 5, allowing for detailed tracking and scalability to include more stores beyond the initial set by extending the numbering system.

Multiple Sizes

The program provides multiple flyers and roll-up banner sizes in the asset bundles, ensuring each store can effectively utilize its unique space for marketing while maintaining brand consistency. Final materials printed by Texprint

Personalized Landing Pages

Store Brand receive personalized landing pages with UTM tracking from QR Codes tracked for location based analytics, enabling performance measurement and making the system adaptable for potential expansion to additional chains and locations.


General Collateral Request


Upon order confirmation, franchisees will receive print-ready files, prepped and optimized for production. These files will be directly sent to TexPrint to streamline the printing process. Both the client and TexPrint will have access to the artwork required to proceed with the order. For assistance in establishing a connection with an ACE Hardware store local to your franchise’s area, please contact Generator Supercenter Franchising. This support aims to foster strong partnerships and ensure the success of your marketing initiatives. Please contact [email protected] If you have any questions.